As much as you love your significant other, sometimes it can be a bit of a mind strain on cute things to do for them. Whether you are not naturally romantic or need new ideas for ways to show you love someone and that they make you happy, here are some things you can consider doing to surprise them with.

Food Surprises

The idea of breakfast in bed may seem hackneyed, but how often have you actually done this or had this done to you versus how often it shows up in romantic comedies or sitcoms? On an off day, get up extra early to work on a breakfast that your boyfriend or girlfriend would dream of. Make sure it’s something that can be warmed up while still being delicious. Let them sleep in and then surprise them. While it’s nice to get breakfast in bed at any time, waking someone up suddenly to eat isn’t the smartest idea.

Take your significant other out for lunch as a surprise sometime. If you have a day off or free time while they can go out for lunch at work, meet them up there and either bring a homemade meal or take them out to their favorite restaurant. Doing little things like this can show someone that you care and can be spontaneous.

Couples Classes

A fun thing to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, is to go do something together where you are both in a position of learning. When it comes to doing something that one of you knows about and the other doesn’t, feelings of inadequacy and judgment can arise quickly. These are several classes that show strategies for hooking up that show using a tested and sound plan will help you get laid online, even if it’s a little more than you usually get. When you take a class together when you both don’t know about the content, you both start out at square one. Take a class like pottery together, or cooking to brush up on how to make your love a good meal. It can be something as complex as a beginner’s language course or dancing; maybe even as fun and sexy as mixology!

Any sort of group activity can be good for couples to take part in. You can experience interacting with others at the same time as sharing a new level of intimacy with your partner. Go for a nature walk or outdoor tour with them. Experience new things with them in any way you can.

Write Out Your Love

There’s nothing more sentimental that writing someone you love a letter. The art of writing letters in general is fading fast as we’re part of a technologically advanced generation of sending texts filled with emoji instead of leaving love notes and letters. Time to change that in your relationship! Write little notes to leave your mate. They can be cute, romantic, sexy, illustrated or not. Stick them in random places in your shared living quarters or at their places while you’re over. Stick one in their purse or wallet if you can. Anywhere where they can casually come upon them randomly is a great place to leave one.

Leave them a long letter about how you feel about them and what they mean to you. It can be a page or more, continuing on and on for as long as you want, though remember to not be too aggressive if the relationship hasn’t progressed that far.

Pay Attention To Details

Whenever your spouse, partner, or mate drops hints or even just brings up a certain place, action, or detail, remember it. Execute it.

If you’re watching a movie and your significant other mentions a certain thing a character is doing that is hot or attractive, try to incorporate that into your image one day. Is it a tuxedo? Rent one for a fun night on the town while you go out to a restaurant and ballroom dancing. If you’re a more casual couple and your partner mentions they’d like to take a break from work, go to a club or the local fast food joint on their next off day. The true key to romance is listening as much as you can.

Looking for a spot to run away to for a week, or even just a weekend? Travel plans can get expensive fast, and it’s hard to get any time alone in a crowded vacation hotspot. Instead of paying too much and getting to do too little, try one of these secret getaway spots that you and your lady are sure to love. These locations are smaller for sure, but boast plenty of attractions and cost way less money. Besides, it’ll look like you really took your time planning this outing, whereas a large location can make any plans seem half-hearted. If you’re wondering how to have an affair you can use a guide to cheating on your partner so you won’t get caught or you can simply pretend with your current lover.


Nashville, Indiana

This tiny town is tucked well away from the city hustle and bustle. If you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to get away from it all, this is the place for you. If you’re a big shopper this might not be the place for you, but if you want somewhere with a lot of camping, this is your place. There are plenty of quiet streams and great campsites to settle down into, and several homey restaurants to enjoy. The locals are friendly and cater to tourists because they don’t get too many. Don’t worry about a crazy night scene, either. Since this isn’t a tourist hotspot, you won’t have to deal with loud teenagers or any drunken nuisances. To be honest, the people who live there are mostly old and will leave you alone. This is the best spot to get some much needed rest and relaxation for a very low price. Interestingly, this place is the online capital of hookups. If you’re here and you’re finding it hard to get laid consider using set of step by step instructions for flings on finder sites.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are a few more tourists here than in Nashville, but not many. It’s a stop away from Estes Park, which is where all the tourists go. Be sure to check out the Garden of the Gods. It’s entirely free and well worth the visit. You’ll be completely blown away by all the mountainous scenery. If you’re not much for hiking, there’s still plenty to do. There’s some great camping in the area, which is inexpensive as well. On top of all that, there’s a zoo, a philharmonic orchestra, and a large variety of museums. Pair that with some choice eating at one of the many great restaurants, and you have yourself an amazing little vacation. Also a place that definitely screams “find me an online date”! For good tips for finding love online you should use this guide to online dating. See what you’re made of, find out if you can succeed!

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This is another amazing little town if you’re looking for some R&R. Go ahead and get a reservation at one of the many bed-and-breakfast locations on the main strip, or pitch a tent in one of the campgrounds. This town is just a little south of the Ozarks, so it’s a prime location for rivers and streams. If you like relaxing with nature, but don’t want to be IN nature, then this is the place for you. The town is right on the rivers and streams, but has plenty of unique shopping for you and your lady to enjoy. Also check out the ziplining, mini golf, and the nearby lakes while you’re there.

Morgan City, Louisiana

For something more on the lively side, head on down to Louisiana. You can still experience all the culture and pizazz of this Cajun paradise without having to go through the stress and crowds of New Orleans. This place has it all: nature, city, music, and great food. An hour out of New Orleans and right on the bayou, this city boasts a wide variety of deep-fried delicacies such as gator tail and crawfish. If you’re going on Labor Day weekend, you can also enjoy a three-day festival with more music and food than you could possibly take in. This jazz center of the world is great year-round, though, so planning a trip anytime is sure to be amazing and take the edge off things.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

If you want to be completely alone, this is your place. This island is surrounded by the Great Lakes Huron and Michigan, and has a population of about 500. That means there are plenty of places to run away to, such as a beautiful downtown with shops to explore, countless walking trails, and even old forts. Back in Victorian times, this was a hot vacation spot, and you can still see remnants of that history today. For those looking for a historically significant vacation spot, this is your island. Just be warned: after you’re dropped off on the island by ferry, all travel is on foot. If you’re up for some hiking in a beautiful location, there’s no better place to spend your time.