Figuring Out if Your ISP is Throttling Your Connection

When it comes to the vital services that you get to your home, obviously there are going to be some which are the most important, such as gas, water, and electricity. However, beyond that, there are also things such as TV and phone service Don’t forget about your Internet connection, too! Being able to connect to the world wide web is a pretty big deal, and it’s vitally important for many people today. After all, a big part of your job could take place over the Internet. You wouldn’t be able to work without a good connection. That’s why you usually go out of your way to get the fastest service available.

Your ISP Is Throttling Your Connection

Your ISP Is Throttling Your Connection… What Now?

However, what if you have been noticing that your connection is awfully slow lately? You might start to be concerned that your ISP is throttling, or artificially limiting, the speed of your connection. If that’s the case, then you might want to talk to them and demand some changes. However, you can’t do that if you don’t know for certain what’s going on. We’re here to help you figure out whether or not you actually are being throttled, so that you can take action. Let’s find out what you need to know.

Run a Bunch of Different Speed Tests

Run A Speed Test

Run A Speed Test

The first step to finding out what’s going on is figuring out what your actual Internet speeds are. First, find out what you are paying so that you know exactly what the speeds should be. From there, take your time figuring out what the speed is. Use several different web speed testing utilities, such as, to gauge your Internet speed. What are the results like? Did they come up like you expected them to? Or are they much slower than what you’re paying for? If it’s the latter, you might be undergoing throttling.

Check Your Online Account Information

Sometimes, there will be a note on your online account about when and how your Internet speeds will be throttled. Even if you didn’t think you agreed to that when you signed up, you probably did. Log in to your online account for your Internet provider and see if there are any notes or warnings on the account. If you see that there’s notice about being throttled due to data usage, then you have your answer. It might be time to do something about it.

Call and Ask For More Information

Ask Your Internet Provider For More Information

Ask Your Internet Provider For More Information

If you still can’t figure out the truth, or if you know for sure and you want to do something about it, then you should call up your Internet service provider. Get someone on the line and explain that you are very unhappy about the Internet speeds you have been receiving. You might even want to drop the words throttling as well as cancellation at some point in there. Demand more information about what’s going on with your connection. With luck, you can either get yourself a bill credit, or you can have your speeds returned to normal!