Couponing for the Non-Couponer

We all know those type of people. The people that can walk into a store, stock a grocery cart a mile high, and walk out only paying $37.95. It’s magic, there’s no other way that it can be explained. They even made a TV show to document these people. But you too can have some success with coupons, also known as their voodoo magic that lets them walk out with all of those groceries. Granted, you have to accept that you won’t be quite as on it as they are, but at least you’ll save yourself a little bit of cash in the long run.

Get an Accordion Folder

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Real couponers know that accordion folders are where it’s at. These little handbook sized binders expand so that you can put paper in it. Cut out any coupon that you think might be relevant to you and stick it in there. You can’t do this all willy nilly, though. You have to have the labels that go with it. For us non0couponers it doesn’t have to be an exact date kind of thing. Simply label it according to when the coupons expire. After all, an expired coupon doesn’t help anyone. A good idea for these guidelines are ones that expire in the first week of the month, the second week, and so on. This is general enough so that you can quickly get through the coupons and specific enough so that you can remember when to use what you’ve got.

Get Online Coupons

If you’re the type to have the newspaper and local papers delivered to you then you can go through there and snip away at coupons. But for those of us who don’t do that like it’s our job, simply get the coupons online. It just takes a search and you’ll find websites that put together all of the coupons so that you don’t have to. Go Here For A List Of The Best Online Coupon Sites. You may have to print them out for proof, or you may just be able to show the store the electronic one. Call ahead to ask just so you don’t get stuck looking like a fool with your smartphone out.

Do It All Online

Forget The Credit Card... Use Coupons To Buy Online

Forget The Credit Card… Use Coupons To Buy Online

Since you’re already online, why not just stop the buck there and shop somewhere like Safeway. This store has a program where it monitors your shopping habits through the reward card that you sign up for. It’s all totally free, you just spend like normal. Not only do you get a discounted price on almost everything, you can go online to their website and log in to get even more. They recommend coupons that would fit your shopping profile as well as show you everything that’s available. All you do is add them to your card, also known as preloading them, and then scan it at checkout. All of those coupons were electronically waiting on your card and are activated when you scan it or type in your phone number. You don’t have to remember expiration dates as much, clip anything, or search for hours on end just to find coupons that match your needs. You may not save as much as those genies with their hours of work, but you will save more money than if you hadn’t signed up at all.