As much as you love your significant other, sometimes it can be a bit of a mind strain on cute things to do for them. Whether you are not naturally romantic or need new ideas for ways to show you love someone and that they make you happy, here are some things you can consider doing to surprise them with.

Food Surprises

The idea of breakfast in bed may seem hackneyed, but how often have you actually done this or had this done to you versus how often it shows up in romantic comedies or sitcoms? On an off day, get up extra early to work on a breakfast that your boyfriend or girlfriend would dream of. Make sure it’s something that can be warmed up while still being delicious. Let them sleep in and then surprise them. While it’s nice to get breakfast in bed at any time, waking someone up suddenly to eat isn’t the smartest idea.

Take your significant other out for lunch as a surprise sometime. If you have a day off or free time while they can go out for lunch at work, meet them up there and either bring a homemade meal or take them out to their favorite restaurant. Doing little things like this can show someone that you care and can be spontaneous.

Couples Classes

A fun thing to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, is to go do something together where you are both in a position of learning. When it comes to doing something that one of you knows about and the other doesn’t, feelings of inadequacy and judgment can arise quickly. These are several classes that show strategies for hooking up that show using a tested and sound plan will help you get laid online, even if it’s a little more than you usually get. When you take a class together when you both don’t know about the content, you both start out at square one. Take a class like pottery together, or cooking to brush up on how to make your love a good meal. It can be something as complex as a beginner’s language course or dancing; maybe even as fun and sexy as mixology!

Any sort of group activity can be good for couples to take part in. You can experience interacting with others at the same time as sharing a new level of intimacy with your partner. Go for a nature walk or outdoor tour with them. Experience new things with them in any way you can.

Write Out Your Love

There’s nothing more sentimental that writing someone you love a letter. The art of writing letters in general is fading fast as we’re part of a technologically advanced generation of sending texts filled with emoji instead of leaving love notes and letters. Time to change that in your relationship! Write little notes to leave your mate. They can be cute, romantic, sexy, illustrated or not. Stick them in random places in your shared living quarters or at their places while you’re over. Stick one in their purse or wallet if you can. Anywhere where they can casually come upon them randomly is a great place to leave one.

Leave them a long letter about how you feel about them and what they mean to you. It can be a page or more, continuing on and on for as long as you want, though remember to not be too aggressive if the relationship hasn’t progressed that far.

Pay Attention To Details

Whenever your spouse, partner, or mate drops hints or even just brings up a certain place, action, or detail, remember it. Execute it.

If you’re watching a movie and your significant other mentions a certain thing a character is doing that is hot or attractive, try to incorporate that into your image one day. Is it a tuxedo? Rent one for a fun night on the town while you go out to a restaurant and ballroom dancing. If you’re a more casual couple and your partner mentions they’d like to take a break from work, go to a club or the local fast food joint on their next off day. The true key to romance is listening as much as you can.

Looking for a spot to run away to for a week, or even just a weekend? Travel plans can get expensive fast, and it’s hard to get any time alone in a crowded vacation hotspot. Instead of paying too much and getting to do too little, try one of these secret getaway spots that you and your lady are sure to love. These locations are smaller for sure, but boast plenty of attractions and cost way less money. Besides, it’ll look like you really took your time planning this outing, whereas a large location can make any plans seem half-hearted. If you’re wondering how to have an affair you can use a guide to cheating on your partner so you won’t get caught or you can simply pretend with your current lover.


Nashville, Indiana

This tiny town is tucked well away from the city hustle and bustle. If you’re looking for a nice, quiet place to get away from it all, this is the place for you. If you’re a big shopper this might not be the place for you, but if you want somewhere with a lot of camping, this is your place. There are plenty of quiet streams and great campsites to settle down into, and several homey restaurants to enjoy. The locals are friendly and cater to tourists because they don’t get too many. Don’t worry about a crazy night scene, either. Since this isn’t a tourist hotspot, you won’t have to deal with loud teenagers or any drunken nuisances. To be honest, the people who live there are mostly old and will leave you alone. This is the best spot to get some much needed rest and relaxation for a very low price. Interestingly, this place is the online capital of hookups. If you’re here and you’re finding it hard to get laid consider using set of step by step instructions for flings on finder sites.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are a few more tourists here than in Nashville, but not many. It’s a stop away from Estes Park, which is where all the tourists go. Be sure to check out the Garden of the Gods. It’s entirely free and well worth the visit. You’ll be completely blown away by all the mountainous scenery. If you’re not much for hiking, there’s still plenty to do. There’s some great camping in the area, which is inexpensive as well. On top of all that, there’s a zoo, a philharmonic orchestra, and a large variety of museums. Pair that with some choice eating at one of the many great restaurants, and you have yourself an amazing little vacation. Also a place that definitely screams “find me an online date”! For good tips for finding love online you should use this guide to online dating. See what you’re made of, find out if you can succeed!

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This is another amazing little town if you’re looking for some R&R. Go ahead and get a reservation at one of the many bed-and-breakfast locations on the main strip, or pitch a tent in one of the campgrounds. This town is just a little south of the Ozarks, so it’s a prime location for rivers and streams. If you like relaxing with nature, but don’t want to be IN nature, then this is the place for you. The town is right on the rivers and streams, but has plenty of unique shopping for you and your lady to enjoy. Also check out the ziplining, mini golf, and the nearby lakes while you’re there.

Morgan City, Louisiana

For something more on the lively side, head on down to Louisiana. You can still experience all the culture and pizazz of this Cajun paradise without having to go through the stress and crowds of New Orleans. This place has it all: nature, city, music, and great food. An hour out of New Orleans and right on the bayou, this city boasts a wide variety of deep-fried delicacies such as gator tail and crawfish. If you’re going on Labor Day weekend, you can also enjoy a three-day festival with more music and food than you could possibly take in. This jazz center of the world is great year-round, though, so planning a trip anytime is sure to be amazing and take the edge off things.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

If you want to be completely alone, this is your place. This island is surrounded by the Great Lakes Huron and Michigan, and has a population of about 500. That means there are plenty of places to run away to, such as a beautiful downtown with shops to explore, countless walking trails, and even old forts. Back in Victorian times, this was a hot vacation spot, and you can still see remnants of that history today. For those looking for a historically significant vacation spot, this is your island. Just be warned: after you’re dropped off on the island by ferry, all travel is on foot. If you’re up for some hiking in a beautiful location, there’s no better place to spend your time.

One of the most common pieces of financial advice always seems to be that you should invest in a home as soon as possible. It’s a huge financial step into the world of adulthood, and the profit you’ll make from eventually selling it off will make it all worthwhile. Owning a home is the definition of financial stability, they say. And they’re wrong. Owning a house is not only not necessary, it’s mostly impractical. And here’s a list of reasons to prove it.

Renting Keeps You Flexible

Renting Forever Gives You Many Options

Renting Forever Gives You Many Options

While you rent on a contract, that contract is much more flexible about allowing you to pick up and move whenever you want or need to. If you’re suddenly making more money than you were before and would like to move to a nicer place, or if you get a new job and want to move somewhere closer to the office, you generally can at your leisure. You may have to pay a fee to end the contract early or wait for it to end, but most contracts are for six to twelve months so you wouldn’t have to wait too terribly long. A house isn’t quite so simple. Selling a home can take a long, long time. Much longer than six to twelve months. Selling your home and relocating to a new home is a headache and a half, so why buy?

Free Repair Service

When you’re renting and a pipe bursts, you dial up your landlord and they send someone over to patch up the damage. If your stove dies or your neighbors punch a hole in your wall, the onus is on the landlord to fix it all up. Guess who gets to take that over when you own? You either become a jack of all fix it trades or shell out the cash to pay a professional to take care if it all for you. Replacing a dead refrigerator can cost you thousands of dollars when you’re on your own. When you’re renting all it costs you is a phone call.

Owning A Home Is Pretty Expensive

Owning And Maintaining A House Is Expensive

Owning And Maintaining A House Is Expensive

It’s true that when you rent you’re throwing your money out for good. You aren’t investing in anything, and you’re never going to get that money back in any capacity. But you do that when you own a home, too, on taxes. You’ll ay property taxes, home owners association dues, condo fees, and whatever else is specific for the area you live in and the type of residence you have. You never see that money again; it doesn’t go to some investment like a mortgage does. Just like renting, it’s been thrown out for good.

Renter’s Insurance Is Way Cheaper

When shopping for home insurance, you’ll notice that renters insurance is far less expensive than home owners insurance tends to run. For example, you can pick up renters insurance for as low as $10 a month depending on where you live and the size of your space, and I dare you to find home owners insurance at the same price per square foot. Odds are good that you’re looking at $60-70 a month minimum there, and that difference can add up.

Homes Can Lose Value As Prices Dip

If The Market Collapses That House Will Lose Value

If The Market Collapses That House Will Lose Value

The cornerstone to every argument telling you why you should buy a house is that you’ll always earn a profit. The market always goes up. Take good care of the space and you’re sure to sell it off for a pretty penny when you’re ready to move on, and that’s ultimately why owning beats renting your home. And just about every home owner looking to sell during the recession would like to lodge a complaint. The housing market is like every other market; it will have its raises and dips, and how well you fare on it is always going to be equal parts research and luck.

Medication can be a necessary part of your life, but it is often an unfortunately expensive part of your life. For this very reason, many people find themselves turning to generic brand medications instead of name brand medications. Some doctors even recommend this, so you may be under the impression that it’s totally well and good to go for the generic brand medications with no questions asked. While it is true that generic brand medications are often very, very similar to their name brand counterparts, you should still be looking into things. You don’t want to blindly buy a generic brand prescription just because you were told to do so. While you can often save a ton of money by going for the generic prescription instead of the name brand prescription, we still think you should be looking into them and researching them. There are several reasons why you’re going to want to research generic brand medications before you buy them, and we’re here to tell you all them. Here’s what you need to know about why you should be researching generic brand medications instead of just buying them outright.

They Might Not Be as Good

There Are Many Different Generic Brand Medications In The Market

There Are Many Different Generic Brand Medications In The Market

One of the main reasons why you should be researching generic brand medications before you buy them is because they might not be as good or as effective as the name brand medication you would normally buy. While this doesn’t happen that often, it’s still something you need to be careful about. You don’t want to wind up buying a less effective form of medication just because it was the cheaper option. Most doctors will not recommend generic brand medications if they don’t think that they are as effective or good, but you still need to look into it on your own and see what other people are saying. It’s really important that you look into the generic brand before you buy it, as you never really know what could be the truth behind the label.

They Might Not Be Saving You Money

Do Research Before You Buy Medication

Do Research Before You Buy Medication

Another reason why you should look into generic brand medications before you buy them is because they might not actually be saving you money. One of the main reason why people recommend switching to generics is because they are much cheaper. Because of this, you may be under the impression that generics are always cheaper than name brands. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You really need to be careful when you are looking into purchasing generic medication. It may seem like it will be saving a ton of money, but is it really? It might not wind up making that much of a difference, which is definitely something that you want to know about. Always check to see if the generic brand is actually going to save you money compared to the name brand.

You Could Get a Better Deal

Save Your Money... Buy Generic

Save Your Money… Buy Generic

Another reason why we recommend looking into generic brand medications before you buy them is that you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere. There are usually several different generics out there for popular medications, and just because your doctor recommended one of them does not mean it is the cheapest one. You could wind up getting a better deal with a different generic brand than the one you are recommended to get. You definitely want to save as much money as possible when you are buying medication, so always be sure to look for the generic brand that will save you the most money in the long run. It will definitely take a little bit of effort on your part, but it’s something that we highly recommend that you do. Nowadays, it seems like each medication has its own generic brand, but some of them wind up with more than one. You’re going to want to find the cheapest one, so be sure to do your homework.

We all know those type of people. The people that can walk into a store, stock a grocery cart a mile high, and walk out only paying $37.95. It’s magic, there’s no other way that it can be explained. They even made a TV show to document these people. But you too can have some success with coupons, also known as their voodoo magic that lets them walk out with all of those groceries. Granted, you have to accept that you won’t be quite as on it as they are, but at least you’ll save yourself a little bit of cash in the long run.

Get an Accordion Folder

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Real couponers know that accordion folders are where it’s at. These little handbook sized binders expand so that you can put paper in it. Cut out any coupon that you think might be relevant to you and stick it in there. You can’t do this all willy nilly, though. You have to have the labels that go with it. For us non0couponers it doesn’t have to be an exact date kind of thing. Simply label it according to when the coupons expire. After all, an expired coupon doesn’t help anyone. A good idea for these guidelines are ones that expire in the first week of the month, the second week, and so on. This is general enough so that you can quickly get through the coupons and specific enough so that you can remember when to use what you’ve got.

Get Online Coupons

If you’re the type to have the newspaper and local papers delivered to you then you can go through there and snip away at coupons. But for those of us who don’t do that like it’s our job, simply get the coupons online. It just takes a search and you’ll find websites that put together all of the coupons so that you don’t have to. Go Here For A List Of The Best Online Coupon Sites. You may have to print them out for proof, or you may just be able to show the store the electronic one. Call ahead to ask just so you don’t get stuck looking like a fool with your smartphone out.

Do It All Online

Forget The Credit Card... Use Coupons To Buy Online

Forget The Credit Card… Use Coupons To Buy Online

Since you’re already online, why not just stop the buck there and shop somewhere like Safeway. This store has a program where it monitors your shopping habits through the reward card that you sign up for. It’s all totally free, you just spend like normal. Not only do you get a discounted price on almost everything, you can go online to their website and log in to get even more. They recommend coupons that would fit your shopping profile as well as show you everything that’s available. All you do is add them to your card, also known as preloading them, and then scan it at checkout. All of those coupons were electronically waiting on your card and are activated when you scan it or type in your phone number. You don’t have to remember expiration dates as much, clip anything, or search for hours on end just to find coupons that match your needs. You may not save as much as those genies with their hours of work, but you will save more money than if you hadn’t signed up at all.

Don’t even try to deny it: You grew up watching Disney movies. We all grew up watching Disney movies, really. And we all should know by now that hidden deep in every Disney movie – or even sometimes not so very deep – there’s a little nugget of wisdom that’s worth carrying around with us into our adult lives. But these lessons are usually about morality, love, family, or friendship. How could any of that possibly apply to the way you spend your money? You just might be surprised. They may not be the moral of the story, but here are some things to think about.

Snow White – Beware of Shiny Apples

Beware Of Shiny Apples

Beware Of Shiny Apples

There may be times when a certain item seems to be calling your name. It’s a sweet siren song, begging to be bought, and more than anything it wants you to be the one doing the buying. And it’s perfect, you think to yourself. Why wouldn’t you need a brand new flat screen TV the size of your wall? These pans are non-stick – you wouldn’t need to butter or oil it up! You just have to have it, at any cost. Well, don’t you bite into that apple, Snow White. It’s a trap, and you’d best keep your hands at your side and your wallet firmly in your pocket.

Oliver and Company – Be Careful with Loans

There will often be times during which we may need to take out a loan, whether it’s a major loan from a bank or even just borrowing some money from friends or family. So naturally, since that’s not a small favor to be asking of whomever it is you’ve asked, you want to be smart about paying it back. As much as possible, try to do so in a timely fashion so as to avoid a sudden, panic-inducing three day ultimatum. And please make sure that you’ll actually be able to pay your loaner back. It would be pretty terrible to have to resort to kidnapping a kitten for ransom just to get yourself free and clear, no matter how kind and well meaning you may be.

Cinderella – Be Resourceful

Cinderella Taught Me To Be Resourceful

Cinderella Taught Me To Be Resourceful

You’re going to a super fancy party and you need a brand new dress for the ball. Normally that would be a ridiculous expense, but if you’re like Cinderella and her mousey friends, why not just go ahead and make one? If you have the know-how and the materials to get something done for infinitely cheaper, it’s usually a pretty good idea to go the cheaper route. Yes, it would almost certainly take you more time to do it this way, but just think about how much money you’ll have been able to save in the process. Alternately you could have a bunch of really good friends who are willing to drop everything to make your dress for you. It worked for Cindy.

Aladdin – Don’t Let Money Change You

Not to say that the rugged thief look was a good place to start, but strength of character is always important to maintain. Suddenly coming into money has a tendency to turn just about anyone into the worst impulse buyer you’ve ever seen. If you should ever find yourself lucky enough to get promoted or to be on the receiving end of a huge raise, be careful of losing your cooler, budget-conscious self. Whatever good money habits you’ve formed in the past, keep them up. You wouldn’t want your diamond-in-the-rough status to be revoked based on a lapse in judgment.

Princess and the Frog – Save, Save, Save

Spend Money Wisely And Save As Much As You Can... For Later

Spend Money Wisely And Save As Much As You Can… For Later

Everyone has their big lifelong dreams and their ambitious goals. The unfortunate truth about dreams is that a lot of them require some amount of money to be able to realistically achieve them. Which is why it’s important to work hard, be patient, and save up for the things that you want to do in life. That’s exactly what Tiana did, steadily and patiently over a long amount of time without giving up. You wouldn’t want to be too much like her fun-loving prince, who spent so much of his allowance that he was cut off by his parents.

Tangled – You Don’t Need Money to Have Fun

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending your days at home without spending a single dime to keep entertained. Rereading the same three books, doing chores, and climbing the walls with your ridiculously long hair will never stop be entertaining. Unless of course you don’t actually have hair that long.