Believe it or not, your customer isn’t going to be right every time. Sometimes people behave poorly in establishments just to try to get a discount. When you’re not going to be giving out discounts to everyone who complains you can find yourself with an irate customer on your hands and no way to deal with it. This situation assumes that the buck stops with you; whether you’re the manager, the owner, or you’re just the unlucky person who can’t call for help from the customer desk doesn’t matter. Here’s how you should respond to an angry customer in a simple three step process.

Explain Things Calmly

Arm Yourself With Patience And Talk Calmly

Arm Yourself With Patience And Talk Calmly

First of all, you should try to explain things calmly to your customer. There’s a good chance that what’s happening started as a misunderstanding. The customer didn’t understand that holiday gear can’t be returned after the holiday, or that the sale has already ended, or that they simply can’t get that product or item here. Whatever you’re dealing with, the first thing you should do is take a few deep breaths. Don’t stoop to their level by showing how upset you’re getting. Try to explain it. If they don’t understand, try again in different words. Ask what exactly they don’t understand, and if they repeat the same problem again and again you have to accept that you can’t win them all. In a perfect world all it would take is a sincere smile and a calming breath and before you know it all your clients would be calm and docile. In real life, sometimes they’re just going to keep getting mad and there’s nothing that you can do. Cut your losses and accept that sometimes you lose some.

Apologize That You Couldn’t Work It Out

Always Be Kind & Apologize If Necessary

Always Be Kind & Apologize If Necessary

What you should always do to conclude your talk with an irate customer is apologize. Say that you’re sorry they are upset and you wish you could have found a better solution to their problem, but there doesn’t seem to be one. This is an interesting move in customer service because most customers expect to be listened to for as long as they want. They expect that you will stand there and take them yelling for as long as they like. By apologizing you’re bringing the discussion to a close without their initiating it. This might get them angrier, but you’ve already established that there’s nothing to be done by catering to them.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Once an angry customer leaves you need to keep up your online surveillance. You can bet that there’s going to be an angry review popping up somewhere and you need to be able to do damage control on it. You don’t want one angry, irrational customer to ruin your otherwise good reputation. If you know that you could have helped a customer who was willing to compromise and be reasonable there’s no reason for you to put up with them damaging the one thing that your business relies on most: a good word of mouth reputation.

Not many people actually understand the full potential of meditation. It is not highly regarded as something that can aid the average person in an everyday situation, seen mostly as something that is only practiced as a religious rite. Fortunately for you, that is not the case. While meditation can be difficult to get the hang of, even the starting attempts can be highly beneficial to your overall health and mental wellness. Here are some simple examples of how small amounts of daily meditation can help keep you healthy.

Breathing Control

Meditate... It Will Keep You Healthy

Meditate… It Will Keep You Healthy

You might not realize it, but the way you breathe can heavily influence how well your workouts benefit you. That is why the breathing that you do during meditation can be a great help in any given exercise regime. Meditation focuses a lot on controlling your breathing and keeping your breath even and well paced. It can be difficult to continue to incorporate this sort of breathing into a workout at first, but given plenty of time to practice, it can become a completely natural habit. And the only way to practice breathing properly is to spend a small amount of time every day meditating, simply getting the hang of how breathing properly feels in your body. All it takes is a few minutes a day to slowly grow used to your own body’s respiration and how you can control it even in a more strenuous environment.

Increased Optimism

Meditation Contributes To Your Happiness

Meditation Contributes To Your Happiness

Meditation is a very simple way to relax not only your body, but your mind as well. By clearing your thoughts and focusing on nothing more than your breathing, you make it easier for yourself to focus on the positive things in your life. Through this, meditation can help make you a much more optimistic person. An optimistic view of your future means that your workout is more likely to actually help you get into shape. When you approach exercise with an open and bright mind, it becomes a lot easier to take on tasks which you might have thought too difficult for yourself. For example, losing a certain amount of weight by a specific date might seem daunting, but if you have meditated on it and face it with optimism it becomes so much more likely to actually happen for you.

Rested Mind

A well-rested mind and a well-rested body go hand in hand, as a well-rested mind can allow for a much more restful and peaceful sleep. Generally speaking, it is easier and more beneficial to your exercise regime if your body is up to the task before you get started. Meditation is a very good way to rest your mind and, in correlation, your body. Deep breathing exercises during your meditation is a quick and easy way to relax your muscles and either prepare your body for the workout ahead or calm it back down afterward. In this way, you can be sure not to harm yourself with your workout. It’s like stretching before you do anything too vigorous with your body. Meditation is a kind of important stretch for both your mind and your body. On top of that, keeping your mind and body at ease after exercising allows you to rest better when you sleep. A more restful sleep, in turn, leads to a rested mind and a rested body, both of which have already been noted as very important for helping your health and your happiness.

Don’t even try to deny it: You grew up watching Disney movies. We all grew up watching Disney movies, really. And we all should know by now that hidden deep in every Disney movie – or even sometimes not so very deep – there’s a little nugget of wisdom that’s worth carrying around with us into our adult lives. But these lessons are usually about morality, love, family, or friendship. How could any of that possibly apply to the way you spend your money? You just might be surprised. They may not be the moral of the story, but here are some things to think about.

Snow White – Beware of Shiny Apples

Beware Of Shiny Apples

Beware Of Shiny Apples

There may be times when a certain item seems to be calling your name. It’s a sweet siren song, begging to be bought, and more than anything it wants you to be the one doing the buying. And it’s perfect, you think to yourself. Why wouldn’t you need a brand new flat screen TV the size of your wall? These pans are non-stick – you wouldn’t need to butter or oil it up! You just have to have it, at any cost. Well, don’t you bite into that apple, Snow White. It’s a trap, and you’d best keep your hands at your side and your wallet firmly in your pocket.

Oliver and Company – Be Careful with Loans

There will often be times during which we may need to take out a loan, whether it’s a major loan from a bank or even just borrowing some money from friends or family. So naturally, since that’s not a small favor to be asking of whomever it is you’ve asked, you want to be smart about paying it back. As much as possible, try to do so in a timely fashion so as to avoid a sudden, panic-inducing three day ultimatum. And please make sure that you’ll actually be able to pay your loaner back. It would be pretty terrible to have to resort to kidnapping a kitten for ransom just to get yourself free and clear, no matter how kind and well meaning you may be.

Cinderella – Be Resourceful

Cinderella Taught Me To Be Resourceful

Cinderella Taught Me To Be Resourceful

You’re going to a super fancy party and you need a brand new dress for the ball. Normally that would be a ridiculous expense, but if you’re like Cinderella and her mousey friends, why not just go ahead and make one? If you have the know-how and the materials to get something done for infinitely cheaper, it’s usually a pretty good idea to go the cheaper route. Yes, it would almost certainly take you more time to do it this way, but just think about how much money you’ll have been able to save in the process. Alternately you could have a bunch of really good friends who are willing to drop everything to make your dress for you. It worked for Cindy.

Aladdin – Don’t Let Money Change You

Not to say that the rugged thief look was a good place to start, but strength of character is always important to maintain. Suddenly coming into money has a tendency to turn just about anyone into the worst impulse buyer you’ve ever seen. If you should ever find yourself lucky enough to get promoted or to be on the receiving end of a huge raise, be careful of losing your cooler, budget-conscious self. Whatever good money habits you’ve formed in the past, keep them up. You wouldn’t want your diamond-in-the-rough status to be revoked based on a lapse in judgment.

Princess and the Frog – Save, Save, Save

Spend Money Wisely And Save As Much As You Can... For Later

Spend Money Wisely And Save As Much As You Can… For Later

Everyone has their big lifelong dreams and their ambitious goals. The unfortunate truth about dreams is that a lot of them require some amount of money to be able to realistically achieve them. Which is why it’s important to work hard, be patient, and save up for the things that you want to do in life. That’s exactly what Tiana did, steadily and patiently over a long amount of time without giving up. You wouldn’t want to be too much like her fun-loving prince, who spent so much of his allowance that he was cut off by his parents.

Tangled – You Don’t Need Money to Have Fun

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending your days at home without spending a single dime to keep entertained. Rereading the same three books, doing chores, and climbing the walls with your ridiculously long hair will never stop be entertaining. Unless of course you don’t actually have hair that long.

Breakups are hard on anyone, and if you get out of a long relationship or you just have a particularly bad breakup you may be tempted to go for a rebound. Rebounds are usually not a good idea and pretty much anyone you ask will tell you so. You may be wondering exactly why rebounds are rarely a good idea, though – especially if the woman you have in mind for your rebound is particularly tempting. It’s important to think about things carefully before you go in for a rebound, because sometimes it can be a bad idea. That’s not to say that you should always avoid rebounds entirely, but there are some things that you need to consider first. You need to make sure that you’re not getting yourself into a bad situation, so here are some things you need to think about carefully before you decide to go for a rebound:

Is It Just for Sex?

Make Sure You Are Both On The Same Page

Make Sure You Are Both On The Same Page

If you’re looking for a woman to have sex with after a breakup, there’s usually not much wrong with that. It’s a good way to work things out and get some satisfaction out of a frustrating situation. As long as you’re in agreement with the woman you’re hooking up with and you’re just having some one night stands, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, you should consider things carefully and try to determine if it really is just for sex. If you’re looking for something more from the relationship you’re trying to get into, then it might be time to step back and consider it carefully. You don’t want to wind up getting into a bad situation because you were feeling a bit too lonely after a breakup.

Keeping Things Uncomplicated

Avoid Complications

Avoid Complications, Keep It Casual

If you’re getting into a casual relationship or hooking up after a bad breakup, it is important that you keep things uncomplicated. You don’t want to wind up in a messy situation because your feelings are still twisted up from the last relationship you were in. make sure to set boundaries and try to avoid getting too attached to the woman you’re hooking up with, because this can really wind up making things too difficult or painful for you. It’s best just to stick to one-night stands if possible, because you can wind up getting too attached to a woman even if you didn’t intend to. It’s worth keeping track of your emotions carefully, because it’s a dangerous position to be in at times.

When to Avoid Rebounds

There are some times when you should avoid rebounds or hooking up with women at all after a breakup. If you feel like you’re particularly prone to getting attached to women after a bad breakup, then you should try to stick things out and wait until your emotional state is a little more settled. If your relationship ended badly, then it’s usually best to wait until you get involved with anyone else. You just don’t want to put yourself into a position where you’re prone to making bad decisions, especially with something as sensitive as dating and hooking up. You don’t want to wind up having another nasty breakup because you were still feeling upset about your last relationship, so make sure to keep that in mind before you hit up the dating and hookup scene yet again.