We all know those type of people. The people that can walk into a store, stock a grocery cart a mile high, and walk out only paying $37.95. It’s magic, there’s no other way that it can be explained. They even made a TV show to document these people. But you too can have some success with coupons, also known as their voodoo magic that lets them walk out with all of those groceries. Granted, you have to accept that you won’t be quite as on it as they are, but at least you’ll save yourself a little bit of cash in the long run.

Get an Accordion Folder

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Real couponers know that accordion folders are where it’s at. These little handbook sized binders expand so that you can put paper in it. Cut out any coupon that you think might be relevant to you and stick it in there. You can’t do this all willy nilly, though. You have to have the labels that go with it. For us non0couponers it doesn’t have to be an exact date kind of thing. Simply label it according to when the coupons expire. After all, an expired coupon doesn’t help anyone. A good idea for these guidelines are ones that expire in the first week of the month, the second week, and so on. This is general enough so that you can quickly get through the coupons and specific enough so that you can remember when to use what you’ve got.

Get Online Coupons

If you’re the type to have the newspaper and local papers delivered to you then you can go through there and snip away at coupons. But for those of us who don’t do that like it’s our job, simply get the coupons online. It just takes a search and you’ll find websites that put together all of the coupons so that you don’t have to. Go Here For A List Of The Best Online Coupon Sites. You may have to print them out for proof, or you may just be able to show the store the electronic one. Call ahead to ask just so you don’t get stuck looking like a fool with your smartphone out.

Do It All Online

Forget The Credit Card... Use Coupons To Buy Online

Forget The Credit Card… Use Coupons To Buy Online

Since you’re already online, why not just stop the buck there and shop somewhere like Safeway. This store has a program where it monitors your shopping habits through the reward card that you sign up for. It’s all totally free, you just spend like normal. Not only do you get a discounted price on almost everything, you can go online to their website and log in to get even more. They recommend coupons that would fit your shopping profile as well as show you everything that’s available. All you do is add them to your card, also known as preloading them, and then scan it at checkout. All of those coupons were electronically waiting on your card and are activated when you scan it or type in your phone number. You don’t have to remember expiration dates as much, clip anything, or search for hours on end just to find coupons that match your needs. You may not save as much as those genies with their hours of work, but you will save more money than if you hadn’t signed up at all.

Swimming is a great way to cross train for any sport. Swimming will increase lung capacity and lend an overall tone and fitness to muscle groups that might not be getting worked otherwise. While swimming works the legs, arms, and core, it is easy on the joints and doesn’t cause a lot of stress to knees or ankles that need rest. The way to workout with swimming is to simply get in the water and swim laps. But there are ways to target different parts of the body when you are swimming and you can end up getting a really comprehensive workout if you know exactly what you are doing in the water.


Just what it sounds like, kicking is focusing on working your legs. A correct kick will start from the hip and will travel all the way down the leg in any stroke. There are three different ways to kick. Flutter kick is when you move the legs independently from one another, starting from the hip and alternating the legs. Breaststroke, or frog kick, is the kick that involves the most bending of the knees, where you push your legs out and snap them together in order to propel your body through the water. Dolphin kick or shimmer kick is the kick used under the water and with the stroke butterfly. It is a strong kick that originates in the chest and travels into the legs while the legs remain together. Kick sets are when you use a kickboard or just float on your back as you kick up and down the pool


Pulling is the exact opposite of kicking, and only really works for the stroke freestyle or front call. You use a float called a pull buoy that you hold between your legs in order to complete pull sets. Holding this buoy, usually between the thighs, will prevent you from attempting to kick while also keeping your back half afloat. This will help you perfect the form on your front crawl and will strengthen the muscles in your shoulders. There is also a breathing exercise that can be performed with a pull buoy called sculling, which is essentially lying face down in the water and using the buoy to keep you floating while moving forward using only the motion of your wrists. While it doesn’t really burn many calories, it can provide a good rest set.


Learn The Butterfly Stroke

Learn The Butterfly Stroke

There are four main strokes that are Olympic certified, and they each end up working a different part of the body. Butterfly is considered to be the most difficult and energy consuming of the strokes and many people prefer not to use it in their workouts. However, it is the fastest way to burn calories in the water, and it works and tones the muscles in your shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. The trick to butterfly is timing the pull of the arms with the pulse of the dolphin kick. There are some great videos and tutorials online, and it is a great workout when mastered correctly.


Backstroke utilizes the muscles in the back and arms to pull you through the water on your back. While not as vigorous as butterfly or freestyle, backstroke provides great tone and a good, targeted muscular workout. It is also one of the easiest strokes to master for beginners along with front crawl, both of which use the constant flutter kick to propel them forward.


This stroke really works the chest, glutes, and leg muscles. A slower stroke, it is also very easy to breath and can be a good rest stroke. However this means it is also easy to become sloppy when doing breaststroke. It is important to be as aware of the motions you are going through in order to get your muscles fully engaged. It is a short bodied stroke that requires good timing like butterfly, and can produce good results if practiced correctly.


Work On Your Technique

Work On Your Technique

Freestyle is the fastest stroke out there, and is great for swimming long distance. It’s constant kick and quick overhead pulls make in aerodynamic and very aerobic. When done vigorously it works the entire arm as well as the back and abs. It is easy to get tired doing freestyle at first, but it will soon become the most efficient stroke to use for things like warmups and distance workouts. Now that you know all of the strokes and what exactly you can do for a workout, it should be easy to tailor a workout that is good for you in the pool.

Gluten free food is an up and coming phenomenon, and is prized by people who aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle. While it might be popular, though, it could be counted among the many fad diets that exist in this day and age. People are going gluten free constantly, though few take into account what it means to go gluten free. For one thing, your food options will become incredibly limited. Gluten free foods might be more popular than they used to be, but that doesn’t mean that everything has a gluten free option. It is healthier for you, though, so you have to decide if it’s right for you.

Reasons People Go Gluten Free

People Go Gluten Free For Health Reasons

People Go Gluten Free For Health Reasons

Most people go gluten free because they have a gluten allergy or a condition such as Celiac Disease. These conditions can cause violent reactions to any gluten these people may consume, and so they need to be avoided at all costs. Of course, this is the most severe case. For some people, they just have light gluten allergies that could irritate their throat or cause heartburn. For others, the gluten allergy isn’t even present, they just want the healthier, cleaner foods that gluten free items provide.


Cutting out gluten can be a fast track to weight loss if you pair it with the correct diet and exercise. This being said, you need to be dedicated, because gluten free foods are harder to come by. But, if you can stick to that regimen, you’re going to lose weight in no time at all. This type of diet will also help you cleanse your body of any toxins that might be in there. People who cut out gluten say that they feel healthier, happier, and have fewer health problems. It’s definitely worth the effort that it takes, and you’ll be a healthier person because of it.


Gluten Free Eating Can Be Expensive

Gluten Free Eating Can Be Expensive

Despite the health benefits, many people decide against going gluten free for many reasons. For one thing, this dietary choice is expensive. While you can purchase gluten free foods and find whole sections for these products in your local grocery store, they do not come cheap at all. These products can cost almost double or triple their gluten counterparts, and you could end up breaking the bank just trying to be healthier. If you have the budget for it, though, then go right on ahead. As we said before, you’ll also have much fewer food options than you would have before. Kiss leisurely restaurant visits with your friends goodbye, because few restaurants offer many if any gluten free options for you to select from.

When to Call It Off

If you do decide to go gluten free, be prepared to call if off if you start showing signs of rejecting this lifestyle in any way. Some people experience weakness or almost withdrawal-like symptoms. You also need to keep your money in mind. There are other way to lose weight that don’t cost so much, so there’s no reason to make yourself go broke just to try to do a diet. Some people have no other option, but for those who do, gluten free might not be the best option. Don’t ever push yourself or your wallet too far, and just know that there are always other options that you can go for if this one isn’t working out for you. Don’t be afraid to call it quits.

Traditionally, a gaming console was just that. They had a sole, clear purpose and they met it as best they could. But now a console that’s only good for gaming just doesn’t make the cut. In today’s market, buyers demand a lot out of their consoles, and even something as small as a handheld device like a Nintendo 3DS has internet access, lets you earn points based on your location, and gives you the opportunity to connect with others around the world. Larger, mainstream consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One can do far more than play games. Find out what a game console can do for you, and why you should consider buying one even if you’re not into gameplay.

Streaming with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

Gaming Consoles Are Not Just For Playing Games

Gaming Consoles Are Not Just For Playing Games

Pay for a television streaming service like Netflix? Hookup your account with a console like the PlayStation 4 or an Xbox, and you can watch all your shows on the big screen and ditch complicated remotes in exchange for a simple controller. You can watch all your favorite shows and movies and even consider giving up cable in exchange for a streaming service. Having one is not necessary, especially if you have a “smart TV” already, but it can certainly make things streamlined and easier to have it all in one place. Can’t find what you want on Hulu? Switch back over to Netflix or Amazon Prime lickedy split and see what you can find there.

DVD and Blu-Ray Player

Play Your DVDs On Your Gaming Console

Play Your DVDs On Your Gaming Console

The most recent consoles aren’t just made for game discs – they’ll play your movies too! Simplify your entertainment center and erase the idea that you need so many different devices to be able to watch a variety of movies. Up-to-date consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 will play DVDs and Blu-Rays so you don’t have to invest in player for different kinds of discs. Again, there’s no need to fiddle around with multiple controllers, either, since you’ll be able to manage everything with the controllers that came with your system. If you have an extensive collection of DVDs that you aren’t excited about having convert to a Blu-Ray collection one movie at a time, draw out its life expectancy by investing in a well-made console that will be able to play your DVDs for years to come!


If you’ve got a lot of music bought that you want to hear played LOUD, sync up your tunes with a gaming console and you’ll be able listen at television volume instead of on your little computer speakers. Your console should be able to hold quite a bit of music, especially if you aren’t going to be putting any games on it. You can also use your internet connection to hook up some consoles with Rhapsody or Pandora to play from your TV. With the broader reach of your TV’s speakers, you can set up your favorite playlists to run while you clean, work, or are grabbing a snack from the kitchen.

Just because you aren’t using it for playing video games doesn’t mean a gaming console is entirely useless to you. You can invest in one to use as a central hub for your entertainment station and get rid of multiple, clunky machines to play DVDs, Blu-rays, and music, and the remotes that go with them.

These days, it seems like every store and site that sells games has got to have its own ultra-exclusive pre-order bonus. Shiny weapons or exclusive items are ready and waiting for any player who signs up at the right store. However, this growing trend encourages bad habits in both the consumer and game companies. Next time you see the hype building for a new title, here are a few reasons you might want to consider holding off until launch date.

Launch Problems

End The Pre Ordering Cycle

End The Pre Ordering Cycle

The rise of online game distribution is great for both players and developers. Gamers can connect with others from across the world, and get access to new content from the comfort of their couch. Developers can release new DLC on their own schedule, and patch critical issues that come up with already-released titles.

However, there has been a growing expectations for these patches on both sides of the relationship. Games are being released under-tested to launch day players that encounter a variety of bugs. While some are just minor graphical glitches, some releases have been put out with bugs that break the game, making it un-winnable. While fans clamor for a patch, it’s not always quick. Letting the first few rocky weeks pass can create a smoother, more enjoyable play experience, even if it does mean you have to sit through another update screen at first.

For those with multiple consoles, putting off a pre-order can also help you make the final call on what platform to buy it on. While most games run fine, problems can arise when a game meant for one console gets pushed onto another as well. Letting others test this can help you make the best call.

Breaking the Balance

The fancy new pre-ordered loot can be nice, but it’s not something the developers plan for. Many times, it’s made accessible to the player at a very low level. This is understandable, as it’s showing players as quickly as possible that they’re getting what they promised. However, this loot is often also powerful, which skews how the game plays. The developers balanced the game carefully, and getting powerful items early throws it off from how it was intended to be played. (If the items aren’t powerful, then were they really worth the pre-ordering hype?)

Later Offers

So maybe you can’t resist. The loot’s just too cool. But where to pre-order from? Many games have bonuses exclusive to a certain store and site, and to get them all would mean buying the game many times over.

Except… Lots of those bonuses aren’t so exclusive. Many are released later, as DLC to all players. If the game is good enough to get a special-edition re-release, some come packaged with some addition content, which can include these bonuses. While it might seem appealing, understand that pre-orders are not the only way.

Ending the Cycle.

Pre Ordering Has Turned Into A Competition

Pre Ordering Has Turned Into A Competition

Ultimately, pre-ordering isn’t evil. It’s a sign of trust. By putting the money down, you’re taking developers at their word that the game is quality. However, competing markets and digital distribution have turned it into a competition, focused on shoving titles with additions that really aren’t needed out as many doors as soon as possible. The most powerful voice any consumer has is their money. By cutting off your pre-order, you can help show that that isn’t what’s important with games.

Everyone feels jealous of their partner’s friends sometimes; it is an inevitable fact of life. It shows that you are possessive of your partner’s time and attention, which may be a turn on for some of you. However, like everything in life, moderation is the key. If you are overly jealous of your significant other’s friends, you will ruin your relationship eventually. Why is this so?

It Shows That You Are Insecure

Don't Be an Insecure Person.. That's What Jealousy Is About

Don’t Be an Insecure Person.. That’s What Jealousy Is About

Most of you are jealous of your partner’s friends because you feel that they are much better than you in every way. Ladies, you may feel that your partner’s friends are prettier, more charming, more fit; meanwhile, gentlemen out there may feel that your partner’s friends are more driven, more successful and much richer than you. Either way, you are jealous because you are insecure. Your inferiority complex kicks in. When you feel insecure, these feelings will affect your actions and you become less confident when interacting with people. This in turn affects how people view you.

In this case they would view you as someone with low self-confidence and probably not a fun person to hang around with, which in turn feeds those negative feelings inside of you, completing the vicious cycle. Your friends and partner alike will wonder what happen to you, as your attitude towards things changes for the worse. Some of you may even have partners leaving you, simply because they can’t deal with your attitude anymore.

Nobody Likes the Clingy Overly Jealous Girlfriend

If you are acting like a stereotypical clingy overly jealous girlfriend one sees in sitcoms and movies, you may need to back up a little. In shows, the jealousy trait is played for laughs. In real life however, it becomes something highly irritating for your partner to deal with. Your partner would feel that he or she is dating a child that is incapable of sharing instead of a mature grownup.

Show Respect And Trust In Your Partner's Commitment To The Relationship

Show Respect And Trust In Your Partner’s Commitment To The Relationship

In a relationship, both partners should trust each other. If you are calling him 24/7 to check up on him when he’s out with his friends, it shows a clear lack of trust in your partner, and your partner is definitely not going to take that behavior lying down. If your partner trusts you enough to not bother you when you’re out with friends, you should extend them the same courtesy. Healthy relationships need trust from both parties, and if you cannot trust your partner not to cheat on you with his friends, it may be better for the both of you to split. Unless your partner has given you legitimate reasons to not trust them, you should give them the benefit of doubt. Here is a list of signs your partner is cheating on you.

Another important thing you should remember is that even couples have their own social lives that are distinct from one another. After all, each person has their own different group of friends that they go to for different things. Some groups may overlap, but in the end, your partner has their friends and you have yours. There is no point in being jealous of them.

Finding a candidate to interview can be difficult. Many times people are simply not qualified for the positions that they apply for. But there are other times when a candidate is qualified, but our failure to realize that we are stereotyping them stops us from even considering them. You may not even pay attention to the fact that you are being discriminating to some of your applicants, especially if this is something that you have been doing for quite some time. Here are few signs that you may be stereotyping some qualified candidates, and decreasing your chances of finding the best person for the job.

What’s In a Name?

Look Beyond What Is The Application Or Resume Says

Look Beyond What Is The Application Or Resume Says

When you’re looking through applications, what do you think about when you’re seeing people’s names? The answer should be, “nothing.” A name shouldn’t be an important factor when considering candidates. However, many of us automatically toss applications and resumes when they list unusual names. If the name isn’t common, one that is difficult to spell, or one that is foreign and hard to pronounce, some of us may not even consider speaking with the applicant because we automatically assume that they aren’t going to “fit in” with the company. This is an awful thing to do, and each time we do it, we’re lowering our chances of bringing diversity into the company.

Not a Real Education

Avoid Stereotyping Your Potential Candidates

Avoid Stereotyping Your Potential Candidates

Another thing many of us do when we’re reading applications and resumes is deciding that certain education isn’t “good enough” for the company. Some applicants graduate from colleges and universities that we don’t consider to be “real schools” even if they obtained a degree for all of their hard work. While it is important to make sure that applicants have the required degrees, deciding whether or not their degree is worthy shouldn’t be a choice that we make just from reading it on a resume.

It is definitely possible that some of these applicants didn’t take their studies seriously, but it’s also possible that some applicants worked extremely hard and went above and beyond what was necessary for each assignment. The only way you can find out which of these candidates is which is if you communicate with them. Don’t let what you assume cause you to toss a perfectly good resume and/or application into the trashcan.

Stereotyping candidates shows a lot about your character, and if you happen to do it when other people are around, it can lead them to believe that you are a prestigious or racist person. If you want to avoid this, don’t dwell on what a candidate’s name is, or what school they graduates from. As long as they meet the qualifications of the company, give everyone an equal chance. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to interview with more candidates, and will greate the chance of finding someone who is perfect for your vacant position. If you don’t think you can get over stereotyping candidates, it may be time to allow someone else to do the hiring.

Running a successful company or business is a lot of work, and generally it comes down to having good quality and professional employees. If you hire the wrong types of people, you could really wind up shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up for failure. You want to make sure that the people you hired to work for your company or business are going to be professional and accurate representations of the company itself. Having a bad apple among your future employees is a very dangerous thing because they could wind up taking you from a successful company or business to a failure. Having one bad employee is too much. You want to avoid hiring any employees who are going to wind up causing you trouble in the long run, so you need to be able to spot the bad apples before they enter your orchard. This will help you ensure the you only ever hire the best people for your company or business. Here’s what you need to know.

Is This Really Possible?

Identify Toxic Employees During The Interview And Hire Only The Best

Identify Toxic Employees During The Interview And Hire Only The Best

The idea that you can spot people who will be bad choices for your company or business before you ever hire them might seem like a bit of a fantasy. However, it is definitely possible to spot at least some of the bad choices before you hire them. They’re always going to be warning signs that you can keep an eye out for, but this is only going to be helpful if you actually know what signs to look out for. Because of this, it is important that you look into the sorts of things that can lead to a poor quality employee.

Looking for Red Flags in the Resume

First things first, you should always look at the resume of the person who is applying for the position. The resume is going to tell you quite a bit about the person who you are going to be interviewing, and while most people lie in their resumes, they’re still red flags you can look out for. Look for extremely creative phrasing that boils down to absolutely no experience, because people who have no experience are going to fluff up the resume to extreme proportions. This is something you want to keep an eye out for because while it does show a creative mind, it is not usually good news for how well they will be able to perform for your job.

Being Careful When You Get to Interviewing

If you don’t see any immediate red flags in the resume, you have to be careful when you get to interviewing the candidate. This is the best time to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or anything like that. When you get to interviewing your candidate, keep a close eye on how they act and make sure to ask questions that are tailored to get good answers out of them. This is the best way you can go about protecting your company or business from anyone who does not suit your needs.

Background Checks Are an Employer’s Best Friend

Be Careful In The Hiring Process.. Your Company Depends On You

Be Careful In The Hiring Process.. Your Company Depends On You

Of course, if you want to be a little more thorough, a background check is never a bad idea. If you can afford to get background checks done for your future employees, this is the best way to make sure that you aren’t looking at any bad apples. You can turn up interesting tidbits like criminal records and things like that. You would definitely want to know about that, so background check is always an employer’s best friend. Your employees might not appreciate it, but what does it really matter when it is going to protect your company so much? You can really stay safe from any poor quality in employees, which is definitely something you want to be able to do. Of course, if background checks are not an option, you can always do your best with the other options listed.