One of the most common pieces of financial advice always seems to be that you should invest in a home as soon as possible. It’s a huge financial step into the world of adulthood, and the profit you’ll make from eventually selling it off will make it all worthwhile. Owning a home is the definition of financial stability, they say. And they’re wrong. Owning a house is not only not necessary, it’s mostly impractical. And here’s a list of reasons to prove it.

Renting Keeps You Flexible

Renting Forever Gives You Many Options

Renting Forever Gives You Many Options

While you rent on a contract, that contract is much more flexible about allowing you to pick up and move whenever you want or need to. If you’re suddenly making more money than you were before and would like to move to a nicer place, or if you get a new job and want to move somewhere closer to the office, you generally can at your leisure. You may have to pay a fee to end the contract early or wait for it to end, but most contracts are for six to twelve months so you wouldn’t have to wait too terribly long. A house isn’t quite so simple. Selling a home can take a long, long time. Much longer than six to twelve months. Selling your home and relocating to a new home is a headache and a half, so why buy?

Free Repair Service

When you’re renting and a pipe bursts, you dial up your landlord and they send someone over to patch up the damage. If your stove dies or your neighbors punch a hole in your wall, the onus is on the landlord to fix it all up. Guess who gets to take that over when you own? You either become a jack of all fix it trades or shell out the cash to pay a professional to take care if it all for you. Replacing a dead refrigerator can cost you thousands of dollars when you’re on your own. When you’re renting all it costs you is a phone call.

Owning A Home Is Pretty Expensive

Owning And Maintaining A House Is Expensive

Owning And Maintaining A House Is Expensive

It’s true that when you rent you’re throwing your money out for good. You aren’t investing in anything, and you’re never going to get that money back in any capacity. But you do that when you own a home, too, on taxes. You’ll ay property taxes, home owners association dues, condo fees, and whatever else is specific for the area you live in and the type of residence you have. You never see that money again; it doesn’t go to some investment like a mortgage does. Just like renting, it’s been thrown out for good.

Renter’s Insurance Is Way Cheaper

When shopping for home insurance, you’ll notice that renters insurance is far less expensive than home owners insurance tends to run. For example, you can pick up renters insurance for as low as $10 a month depending on where you live and the size of your space, and I dare you to find home owners insurance at the same price per square foot. Odds are good that you’re looking at $60-70 a month minimum there, and that difference can add up.

Homes Can Lose Value As Prices Dip

If The Market Collapses That House Will Lose Value

If The Market Collapses That House Will Lose Value

The cornerstone to every argument telling you why you should buy a house is that you’ll always earn a profit. The market always goes up. Take good care of the space and you’re sure to sell it off for a pretty penny when you’re ready to move on, and that’s ultimately why owning beats renting your home. And just about every home owner looking to sell during the recession would like to lodge a complaint. The housing market is like every other market; it will have its raises and dips, and how well you fare on it is always going to be equal parts research and luck.


Interviewing your clients is the most important step when it comes to deciding who to hire. The interview, in some ways, is the backbone for the future success of your company. You can’t have a good company if you don’t have good employees. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like good employees are getting harder and harder to come by. This is part of why knowing how to interview your employees is so important. You really need to make sure that you’re asking the right questions so that you know you’re going to be hiring the right people. Not all interview questions are made equally, however, and if you’re not asking the right questions you might not be hiring the right people. We know all the best interview questions, so we can help you craft the perfect interview in order to hire your perfect candidate. If you’re worried that you might not be asking the right questions during interviews, we’re here to help. Here are three of the best interview questions you could possibly ask.

What Are Their Goals for Their Future?

Ask Them About Their Future Goals

Ask Them About Their Future Goals

This question is one that can tell you quite a bit about the prospective employee and what they think about quite a few things. Asking them what their goals for the future are is a good way to see how they view themselves, how they view the job they’re applying for, and how they view their success. If you ask a prospective employee how they view their future and what their goals are, you can get a feel for how they view the job that they are applying for. An honest candidate might tell you that they plan to go on to bigger things, which is not a bad answer. However, if the candidate makes some wishy-washy comment about how they hope to still be working for your company, you might want to keep in mind that they’re likely trying to suck up.

What Do They Consider to Be Their Strengths?

Does She Know Her Strengths?

Does She Know Her Strengths?

This may seem like a classic interview question, and if it is, it’s a classic for a reason. Asking a prospective employee what they believe their strengths to be is a good way to see how they view themselves. It also tells you a little bit about how they might fit into your existing workforce. This is not a question you should skip.

What Would Be Their Ideal Work Environment?

|Ask Some Uncommon Questions And Check Their Response

Ask Some Uncommon Questions And Check Their Response

This is a bit of an uncommon question, but we think it’s a good one that can tell you quite a bit. Asking them what they think their ideal work environment would be is a good way to see how they might fit into your workforce. If they describe something that is the complete opposite of the environment your employees working, they are probably not going to be a good fit for your company. Keep this in mind when you’re interviewing a prospective employee. It’s a good way to get a feel for how they might fit in with your other employees.

Medication can be a necessary part of your life, but it is often an unfortunately expensive part of your life. For this very reason, many people find themselves turning to generic brand medications instead of name brand medications. Some doctors even recommend this, so you may be under the impression that it’s totally well and good to go for the generic brand medications with no questions asked. While it is true that generic brand medications are often very, very similar to their name brand counterparts, you should still be looking into things. You don’t want to blindly buy a generic brand prescription just because you were told to do so. While you can often save a ton of money by going for the generic prescription instead of the name brand prescription, we still think you should be looking into them and researching them. There are several reasons why you’re going to want to research generic brand medications before you buy them, and we’re here to tell you all them. Here’s what you need to know about why you should be researching generic brand medications instead of just buying them outright.

They Might Not Be as Good

There Are Many Different Generic Brand Medications In The Market

There Are Many Different Generic Brand Medications In The Market

One of the main reasons why you should be researching generic brand medications before you buy them is because they might not be as good or as effective as the name brand medication you would normally buy. While this doesn’t happen that often, it’s still something you need to be careful about. You don’t want to wind up buying a less effective form of medication just because it was the cheaper option. Most doctors will not recommend generic brand medications if they don’t think that they are as effective or good, but you still need to look into it on your own and see what other people are saying. It’s really important that you look into the generic brand before you buy it, as you never really know what could be the truth behind the label.

They Might Not Be Saving You Money

Do Research Before You Buy Medication

Do Research Before You Buy Medication

Another reason why you should look into generic brand medications before you buy them is because they might not actually be saving you money. One of the main reason why people recommend switching to generics is because they are much cheaper. Because of this, you may be under the impression that generics are always cheaper than name brands. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You really need to be careful when you are looking into purchasing generic medication. It may seem like it will be saving a ton of money, but is it really? It might not wind up making that much of a difference, which is definitely something that you want to know about. Always check to see if the generic brand is actually going to save you money compared to the name brand.

You Could Get a Better Deal

Save Your Money... Buy Generic

Save Your Money… Buy Generic

Another reason why we recommend looking into generic brand medications before you buy them is that you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere. There are usually several different generics out there for popular medications, and just because your doctor recommended one of them does not mean it is the cheapest one. You could wind up getting a better deal with a different generic brand than the one you are recommended to get. You definitely want to save as much money as possible when you are buying medication, so always be sure to look for the generic brand that will save you the most money in the long run. It will definitely take a little bit of effort on your part, but it’s something that we highly recommend that you do. Nowadays, it seems like each medication has its own generic brand, but some of them wind up with more than one. You’re going to want to find the cheapest one, so be sure to do your homework.

When it comes to the vital services that you get to your home, obviously there are going to be some which are the most important, such as gas, water, and electricity. However, beyond that, there are also things such as TV and phone service Don’t forget about your Internet connection, too! Being able to connect to the world wide web is a pretty big deal, and it’s vitally important for many people today. After all, a big part of your job could take place over the Internet. You wouldn’t be able to work without a good connection. That’s why you usually go out of your way to get the fastest service available.

Your ISP Is Throttling Your Connection

Your ISP Is Throttling Your Connection… What Now?

However, what if you have been noticing that your connection is awfully slow lately? You might start to be concerned that your ISP is throttling, or artificially limiting, the speed of your connection. If that’s the case, then you might want to talk to them and demand some changes. However, you can’t do that if you don’t know for certain what’s going on. We’re here to help you figure out whether or not you actually are being throttled, so that you can take action. Let’s find out what you need to know.

Run a Bunch of Different Speed Tests

Run A Speed Test

Run A Speed Test

The first step to finding out what’s going on is figuring out what your actual Internet speeds are. First, find out what you are paying so that you know exactly what the speeds should be. From there, take your time figuring out what the speed is. Use several different web speed testing utilities, such as, to gauge your Internet speed. What are the results like? Did they come up like you expected them to? Or are they much slower than what you’re paying for? If it’s the latter, you might be undergoing throttling.

Check Your Online Account Information

Sometimes, there will be a note on your online account about when and how your Internet speeds will be throttled. Even if you didn’t think you agreed to that when you signed up, you probably did. Log in to your online account for your Internet provider and see if there are any notes or warnings on the account. If you see that there’s notice about being throttled due to data usage, then you have your answer. It might be time to do something about it.

Call and Ask For More Information

Ask Your Internet Provider For More Information

Ask Your Internet Provider For More Information

If you still can’t figure out the truth, or if you know for sure and you want to do something about it, then you should call up your Internet service provider. Get someone on the line and explain that you are very unhappy about the Internet speeds you have been receiving. You might even want to drop the words throttling as well as cancellation at some point in there. Demand more information about what’s going on with your connection. With luck, you can either get yourself a bill credit, or you can have your speeds returned to normal!

Ging on business trips is an essential part of working life, but that does not necessarily mean that they are one of the more pleasant things to do. Business trips can be a real drag, especially if you don’t really know how to go about making them bearable. If you have to go on business trips on a regular basis, we’re sure that you are wondering how you can improve them and make it a little less aggravating to go on them. It’s not always easy, but we have some tips that will definitely help improve every business trip you have to take. If you know that you’re going to have to go on quite a few business trips in the future, here’s what you need to know:

1. Plan out Every Detail Ahead of Time

Learn How To Improve Your Business Trips Experience

Learn How To Improve Your Business Trips Experience

One of the first things you can do to improve your business trips is to make sure that you plan ahead of time. We know that planning things ahead of time can be a bit of a drag, but it can really help you out. You may not have realized how much stress you are adding to your life by not planning your business trips ahead of time, but that’s why we’re here to tell you. Something as simple as planning out your business trips a little bit so that you know what you’re going to be doing, where you’re going to be going, and what you need to bring, can really make a difference and make business trips more bearable for you.

2. Know the Best Places to Go

Plan Your Trip In Advance And Get The Most Out Of It

Plan Your Trip In Advance And Get The Most Out Of It

Of course, business trips don’t always need to be all about business. You’re going to want to have a little bit of leisure time so that you can have a way to relax. Knowing the best places to go when you have a little bit of downtime during your business trip is important, since it will really help you make the most of your trip. This is one of the best ways to improve business trips, so we definitely recommend that you give this a shot. Look up interesting places to go before you go on your trip, and then make a plan to go have some fun when you have downtime.

3. Make Sure You Have Everything Packed and Ready

Packing is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but packing and making sure that you have everything you need before you have to go on your trip is obviously going to help make things less stressful. If you get caught the night before your trip having to cram things into a suitcase, you’re not exactly going to have a good time. You’re going to be stressing over whether or not you forgot something important, so it really is important that you plan ahead of time and make sure that you pack and have everything ready.

4. Don’t Party Too Hardcore

Remember It Is A Business Trip Not A Getaway Trip

Remember It Is A Business Trip Not A Getaway Trip

It’s important to have fun while you’re on your business trip, but you really shouldn’t go overboard. Business trips can become so aggravating and stressful because you wind up coming home feeling burnt out and hung over. That doesn’t need to happen. Don’t go overboard when you’re off the clock, since this can really wind up making things uncomfortable for you. We know that you may be tempted the party hard-core, but it is usually better to try and relax instead of getting wild.

5. Know What Everyone Else Is up To

Another thing you can do to help improve your business trips is to make sure that you always know what everyone else is up to. You need to know where your coworkers are, so that you don’t have to worry about having to cover for them at any time. Knowing where your coworkers are will also help you have a better time in case you want to meet up with any of them. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, so you really do need to try and keep on top of where everyone else is at any given time. It will definitely help your peace of mind, if nothing else.

Getting a guy to go down on you sadly isn’t as easy as you might hope. For some reason, guys think it’s totally fine to constantly demand blowjobs, and yet when it comes time for them to go south they balk and resist. It’s no fun if you have a boyfriend that won’t go down on you, and convincing him to finally go south is not always as easy as you might want for it to be. Still, we have a few methods that will help you get your boyfriend to go down on you with minimal complaining. Here’s a hint, though: if these tips don’t work, it may be time to find a new boyfriend that’s more willing to go down on you.

Make It Worth His While

Turn It Into A Sexy Offer Not A Demand

Turn It Into A Sexy Offer Not A Demand

Most guys seem to think that they’re owed blowjobs for nothing in return, which is obviously frustrating. However, if you want a guy to go down on you, you should make sure that he gets something out of it too. Make it as sexy as possible for him so that he feels like he’s getting something out of it, because otherwise he might resist the idea. Put on a sexy striptease or do whatever it takes to convince him that he should be going down on you. Some guys can be pretty blockheaded, so it might take some time, but you’ll be able to wear him down eventually. After all, it’s only fair.

Let Him Know How Much You like It

If your boyfriend isn’t that into the idea of going down on you, he might just need the proper incentive. Make sure to tell him just how much you like it when he goes down on you. If you’re usually quiet and reserved in bed, now is the time to let loose. Dirty talk all the way through the encounter so he knows just how much you like it. This might be just what he needs to be convinced that going down on you regularly is going to be a good thing for him to do. You might be surprised by how much you like talking to him and letting him know how it feels, too.

Make It Mutual

Tell Him You Will Go Down On Him Afterward

Tell Him You Will Go Down On Him Afterward

If he’s really being a big baby about it, then you might just need to offer to reciprocate. You can offer him a blowjob after he’s done with you, or you can 69 if you’re feeling more adventurous. This might really make him more open to the idea, plus it can be an exciting new way to do things. No guy can really pass up a blowjob, though, so no matter how you swing it you’re pretty much guaranteed to get what you want. Hopefully with enough prompting, your boyfriend will become a newfound fan of going down on you, and you will not have to try so hard to convince him next time. There’s always hope, so make sure to do what you have to in order to get what you want from him!

We all know those type of people. The people that can walk into a store, stock a grocery cart a mile high, and walk out only paying $37.95. It’s magic, there’s no other way that it can be explained. They even made a TV show to document these people. But you too can have some success with coupons, also known as their voodoo magic that lets them walk out with all of those groceries. Granted, you have to accept that you won’t be quite as on it as they are, but at least you’ll save yourself a little bit of cash in the long run.

Get an Accordion Folder

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Use An Accordion Folder To Organize Your Coupons

Real couponers know that accordion folders are where it’s at. These little handbook sized binders expand so that you can put paper in it. Cut out any coupon that you think might be relevant to you and stick it in there. You can’t do this all willy nilly, though. You have to have the labels that go with it. For us non0couponers it doesn’t have to be an exact date kind of thing. Simply label it according to when the coupons expire. After all, an expired coupon doesn’t help anyone. A good idea for these guidelines are ones that expire in the first week of the month, the second week, and so on. This is general enough so that you can quickly get through the coupons and specific enough so that you can remember when to use what you’ve got.

Get Online Coupons

If you’re the type to have the newspaper and local papers delivered to you then you can go through there and snip away at coupons. But for those of us who don’t do that like it’s our job, simply get the coupons online. It just takes a search and you’ll find websites that put together all of the coupons so that you don’t have to. Go Here For A List Of The Best Online Coupon Sites. You may have to print them out for proof, or you may just be able to show the store the electronic one. Call ahead to ask just so you don’t get stuck looking like a fool with your smartphone out.

Do It All Online

Forget The Credit Card... Use Coupons To Buy Online

Forget The Credit Card… Use Coupons To Buy Online

Since you’re already online, why not just stop the buck there and shop somewhere like Safeway. This store has a program where it monitors your shopping habits through the reward card that you sign up for. It’s all totally free, you just spend like normal. Not only do you get a discounted price on almost everything, you can go online to their website and log in to get even more. They recommend coupons that would fit your shopping profile as well as show you everything that’s available. All you do is add them to your card, also known as preloading them, and then scan it at checkout. All of those coupons were electronically waiting on your card and are activated when you scan it or type in your phone number. You don’t have to remember expiration dates as much, clip anything, or search for hours on end just to find coupons that match your needs. You may not save as much as those genies with their hours of work, but you will save more money than if you hadn’t signed up at all.

Swimming is a great way to cross train for any sport. Swimming will increase lung capacity and lend an overall tone and fitness to muscle groups that might not be getting worked otherwise. While swimming works the legs, arms, and core, it is easy on the joints and doesn’t cause a lot of stress to knees or ankles that need rest. The way to workout with swimming is to simply get in the water and swim laps. But there are ways to target different parts of the body when you are swimming and you can end up getting a really comprehensive workout if you know exactly what you are doing in the water.


Just what it sounds like, kicking is focusing on working your legs. A correct kick will start from the hip and will travel all the way down the leg in any stroke. There are three different ways to kick. Flutter kick is when you move the legs independently from one another, starting from the hip and alternating the legs. Breaststroke, or frog kick, is the kick that involves the most bending of the knees, where you push your legs out and snap them together in order to propel your body through the water. Dolphin kick or shimmer kick is the kick used under the water and with the stroke butterfly. It is a strong kick that originates in the chest and travels into the legs while the legs remain together. Kick sets are when you use a kickboard or just float on your back as you kick up and down the pool


Pulling is the exact opposite of kicking, and only really works for the stroke freestyle or front call. You use a float called a pull buoy that you hold between your legs in order to complete pull sets. Holding this buoy, usually between the thighs, will prevent you from attempting to kick while also keeping your back half afloat. This will help you perfect the form on your front crawl and will strengthen the muscles in your shoulders. There is also a breathing exercise that can be performed with a pull buoy called sculling, which is essentially lying face down in the water and using the buoy to keep you floating while moving forward using only the motion of your wrists. While it doesn’t really burn many calories, it can provide a good rest set.


Learn The Butterfly Stroke

Learn The Butterfly Stroke

There are four main strokes that are Olympic certified, and they each end up working a different part of the body. Butterfly is considered to be the most difficult and energy consuming of the strokes and many people prefer not to use it in their workouts. However, it is the fastest way to burn calories in the water, and it works and tones the muscles in your shoulders, back, chest and abdomen. The trick to butterfly is timing the pull of the arms with the pulse of the dolphin kick. There are some great videos and tutorials online, and it is a great workout when mastered correctly.


Backstroke utilizes the muscles in the back and arms to pull you through the water on your back. While not as vigorous as butterfly or freestyle, backstroke provides great tone and a good, targeted muscular workout. It is also one of the easiest strokes to master for beginners along with front crawl, both of which use the constant flutter kick to propel them forward.


This stroke really works the chest, glutes, and leg muscles. A slower stroke, it is also very easy to breath and can be a good rest stroke. However this means it is also easy to become sloppy when doing breaststroke. It is important to be as aware of the motions you are going through in order to get your muscles fully engaged. It is a short bodied stroke that requires good timing like butterfly, and can produce good results if practiced correctly.


Work On Your Technique

Work On Your Technique

Freestyle is the fastest stroke out there, and is great for swimming long distance. It’s constant kick and quick overhead pulls make in aerodynamic and very aerobic. When done vigorously it works the entire arm as well as the back and abs. It is easy to get tired doing freestyle at first, but it will soon become the most efficient stroke to use for things like warmups and distance workouts. Now that you know all of the strokes and what exactly you can do for a workout, it should be easy to tailor a workout that is good for you in the pool.